Adjustable Switching Regulated Power Supply - 3A (Industrial Grade)

Adjustable Switching Regulated Power Supply - 3A (Industrial Grade)
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Adjustable Switching Power Supply (Industrial Grade)




To learn about a switching power supply you need to know about linear power supply.

Best idea is compare both of them.

Switching ::

  • Switching Power Supply takes energy from source based on the load requirement. It works on PWM based concept with combination of high quality coil. So it does not heat so much. So No need of heat sink. 
  • Long life & High Durability.
  • Efficiency < 85%.
  • High design Complexity.
  • Medium noise generation.
  • We use this supply when high load current require.

Linear :: 

  • For linear power supply lets say if we require only 5V but source is of 12V then the remaining voltage will be dissipate in the form of heat with increase in current. So reguator need big heat sink on it.
  • Short Life & Low Durability.
  • Efficiency < 40%
  • Medium design complexity
  • Less noise generation.
  • We use this supply when low load current require.

Supply Specification :

  • Maximum Input voltage - 40V
  • Output voltage range – 1.23V to 37V DC
  • Maximum continues current –  2.5 A
  • Fixed frequency – 52 KHz
  • DC socket & screw connector available at input
  • Screw connector indication LED available at output


Features :

  • Thermal shutdown & surrent limit protection available
  • EMI/EMC protection available
  • Low noise & highly stable
  • High efficiency & durability
  • High quality PCB material & original component only
  • Each module tested with automatic testing machine


  • Security & Survillance
  • Automotive Domain
  • Aerospce System
  • Industrial System



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