Arduino UNO Based Online Green House Monitoring System

Arduino UNO Based Online Green House Monitoring System
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                             Arduino UNO Based Online Green House Monitoring System

This paper proposes a wireless monitoring and control system for greenhouse based on Arduino UNO + Android smart phone for solving the problems such as poor real time data monitoring, excessive manpower requirement and to overcome the shortcoming of the wired system such as complex wiring. Monitoring and control of greenhouse environment play an important role in greenhouse production and management. To monitor the greenhouse environment parameters effectively, it is necessary to design a measurement and control system. And if it is wireless and related to your smart phone then it will be great. The objective of this project is to design a simple, easy to install, microcontroller-based circuit to monitor the values of temperature, soil moisture and sunlight of the natural environment that are continuously modified and controlled in order optimize them to achieve maximum plant growth and yield.

The controller used is a low power, cost efficient chip manufactured by ATMEL having 8K bytes of on-chip flash memory. An integrated Liquid crystal display (LCD) is also used for real time display of data acquired from the various sensors and the status of the various devices. Also, the use of easily available components reduces the manufacturing and maintenance costs. The design is quite flexible as the software can be changed any time. It can thus be tailor-made to the specific requirements of the user. This makes the proposed system to be an economical, portable and a low maintenance solution for greenhouse applications, especially in rural areas and for small scale agriculturists. This system is very use full in agriculture and horticulture sectors in our country as they can be used to grow plants under controlled climatic conditions for optimum produceAppropriate environmental conditions are necessary for optimum plant growth, improved crop yields, and efficient use of water and other resources. Automation is process control of industrial machinery and processes, thereby replacing human operators. The soil moisture conditions, environment temperature and various climatic parameters govern plant growth. Automating the data acquisition process allows this information (soil moisture, temperature and various climate parameters) to be collected at high frequency with less labor requirements.

Greenhouse monitoring and controlling project is used to measure the various parameters like Temperature, Light Intensity, Soil moisture, and display these parameter on a LCD. Given parameters are sensed by respective sensors. Sensor output is analog and given to ADC pin of microcontroller. Microcontroller controls these parameters and keeps them at some predefined levels using relay. These relays can be connected to Fan/Heater. But in our case we have a relay only.

This project is designed with Arduino UNO Kit, 16 * 2 LCD, Internal ADC, Temperature Sensor, Light Sensor, Carbon monoxide & soil moisture sensor. Sensors used to sense atmospheric conditions according their parametric structure and material, these sensed signals are inputted to the microcontroller. A 16 * 2 LCD, connected to microcontroller through communication interface, displays information regarding the person that has been already fed into it.



·       Can use hazardous/remote areas where life is at risk.

·       Independent of line-of-sight communication.

·       Support for multiple network topologies.

·       High data reliability.

·       Highly reliable, cost effective and compact in size.

·       Simple to install and easy to maintain.


Projects Includes : 

  • Complete Hardware 
  • Firmware (C code)
  • Hex file
  • Application Software 
  • Major Datasheets
  • Circuit Diagram
  • Complete Project Report


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