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GSM Based Jewellery Theft Intimation System
In present mostly electronic security system wired system. A huge drawbacks of the design is that th..
Rs.6,200 Rs.5,400

GSM  Based Home Security and Vigilance System Using IR Obstacle Sensor with LCD
  GSM & Infrared Technology Based Home Security & Survillance System   Th..
Rs.6,400 Rs.5,600

GSM  Based Industrial LPG Gas Leakage and Prevention System using Valve
GSM & LPG Gas sensor Based Industrial Gas Leakage & Prevention System  The presence ..
Rs.6,800 Rs.5,800

GSM Based Energy Meter Monitoring System
The purpose of this project is to remote monitoring and control of the Domestic Energy meter. This s..
Rs.9,700 Rs.8,400

GSM Based Vechile Security & Remote Engine Shutdown on Miss Call with LCD
The presence of any unautorized person in your car may be theft one. Let say your car has been&..
Rs.9,200 Rs.8,200

Moving Message Display with Wireless GSM Control
In present mostly electronic notice board with moving message display are designed using wired syste..
Rs.8,600 Rs.7,800

GSM Based Online Notice Board System
In present mostly electronic notice board are designed using wired system. A huge drawbacks of the d..
Rs.6,400 Rs.5,800

Accelerometer - GSM - GPS Based Bike/Vechile Accident Monitoring & Survillance System
Security in travelling is primary concern for everyone. Demand for automobile has increased traffic ..
Rs.16,000 Rs.11,990

GSM-GPS Based Vechile Speed Monitoring and Control System
We know that demand for automobile has been increased traffic and thereby causing more accidents on ..
Rs.15,500 Rs.12,900

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