Breath Alcohol Analyzer and Vehicle Immobilizer with PPM Level on LCD

Breath Alcohol Analyzer and Vehicle Immobilizer with PPM Level on LCD
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The effects of alcohol are well known all around the world. The ability of a human usually becomes impaired at a particular blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) Level, while the willingness to take risks rises. Only those who are in good physical condition manage to survive such intoxication. More than anything else, their fellow citizens need to keep out of the way of drunk drivers, as the latest road safety rules confirm. “Excessive speed, alcohol, and driving without seatbelts are still the three most common causes of deadly traffic accidents. So in this project we will design a system which count the PPM level of Alcohol in the car atmosphere and produce a desired result like vehicle will not start or if this condition found during running then it will produce warning and stop the vehicle.

The onboard Alcohol Sensor (MQ-3) provides the Alcohol contents in the air. If this found above set PPM value then it will inform the Host controller by pulling the Digital Output Pin to High and onboard status LED glow. The sensor module is mainly intended to provide a means of comparing Alcohol sources and being able to set an alarm limit when the source becomes excessive.


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  • Project Synopsis Download Sensor/Synopsis_Alcohol_Vechile.pdf


  • Project Report and other doc will send through email.


  • Datasheet of MQ-3 Alcohol Sensor Sensor/MQ3.pdf

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