LPG Gas Leakage Detection and Valve Control System with PPM Level Display at LCD

LPG Gas Leakage Detection and Valve Control System with PPM Level Display at LCD
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In this project we are going to provide an advanced solution for LPG Gas leakage security. As per use of LPG increasing day by day. It is very useful in controlled manner but when leakage occurs then it may produce heavy disaster. We are using MQ-6 gas sensor which provide maximum resistance at leakage time. When LPG gas sensor detect leakage it produce a buzzer sound also it switch on the exhaust fan and Switch off Valve system. We can set this at different PPM level of gas.

The onboard LPG Sensor (MQ-6) provides the LPG contents in the air. If this found above set PPM value then it will inform the Host controller by pulling the Digital Output Pin to High and onboard status LED glow. The sensor module is mainly intended to provide a means of comparing LPG sources and being able to set an alarm limit when the source becomes excessive.

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http://www.nrdcentre.com/image/data/Gas Sensor/Synopsis_LPG_Sensor_Control.pdf


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  • Datasheet of MQ-6 LPG Gas Sensor

http://www.nrdcentre.com/image/data/Gas Sensor/MQ6.pdf

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