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Smart Cap For Indian Railway Locomotive Drivers
  In Indian Railways, major accidents occur because of unseemly act or inattention of Railwa..
Rs.14,800 Rs.12,400
Based on 1 reviews.

Arduino UNO and GSM Based Vehicle Security System
Kit - Arduino UNO, Modem - SIM900A The presence of any unautorized person in your car may be..
Rs.12,800 Rs.11,800
Based on 2 reviews.

Remote Vehicle Speed Monitoring  and Control System Over internet (GPRS)
We know that demand for automobile has been increased traffic and thereby causing more accidents on ..
Rs.16,800 Rs.14,800

Wi-Fi Based Multi Toxic Gases Monitoring and Surveillance System
This project shows wi-fi use in monitoring system of Toxic gases like. 1. Carbon Monoxide 2. A..
Rs.14,800 Rs.13,800

Smart Shoes For Blind Person
In this project we have invented shoes with ultrasound sensors which allow people with visual i..
Rs.10,400 Rs.9,400

GPRS (Internet) Based Multi Toxic Gases Monitoring and Control System
In this project we monitor diffrent gases with their sensor and regular monitor them from a remote p..
Rs.18,800 Rs.16,800

GPRS Based Transmission Line Fault Monitoring System
Rs.14,800 Rs.12,800
Based on 2 reviews.

GSM Based Vechile Security & Remote Engine Shutdown on Miss Call with LCD
The presence of any unautorized person in your car may be theft one. Let say your car has been&..
Rs.9,200 Rs.8,200

War Field Spying Robot With Night Vision Wireless Camera
Please call us at 8130113106 for order. ..
Rs.17,000 Rs.14,000

Accelerometer - GSM - GPS Based Bike/Vechile Accident Monitoring & Survillance System
Security in travelling is primary concern for everyone. Demand for automobile has increased traffic ..
Rs.16,000 Rs.11,990

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