Arduino UNO and GSM Based Vehicle Security System

Arduino UNO and GSM Based Vehicle Security System
Product Code: NRD_ARDUINO_0002
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Kit - Arduino UNO, Modem - SIM900A

The presence of any unautorized person in your car may be theft one. Let say your car has been stolen but like a remote button you have the ability to shutdown your vechicle ignition system on a miss call through your registered no then it will be very useful. So in this project when you are parking your car and going for any task then you have to just armed your system. If it detect any unauthorized entry then a message will be send to your registered no. If you know that any known person in your car then no need to do any thing. But if you did not give permission to any one for your car then you have to just made a call to the no installed in your car system from your register number. Then system will shutdown your Vechicle and raise a high DB alarm.

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