Wi-Fi Based Multi Toxic Gases Monitoring and Surveillance System

Wi-Fi Based Multi Toxic Gases Monitoring and Surveillance System
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This project shows wi-fi use in monitoring system of Toxic gases like.

1. Carbon Monoxide

2. Alcohol

3. LPG

4. Smoke

The increase in the development of technology and the human race, we failed to take care about the surroundings in which we live in. Thus we polluted the environment and thereby reducing the quality of the place we live. Even though there are several aspects of pollution such as soil, air and water pollution, out of these air pollution acts as the serious aspect as the other can detected visually and by taste, but the polluted air cannot be detected as it can be odorless, tasteless and colorless. Hence there is a growing demand for the environmental pollution monitoring and control systems. In the view of the ever-increasing pollution sources with toxic chemicals, these systems should have the facilities to detect and quantify the sources rapidly. Toxic gases are one that causes serious health impacts, but are also used in industries in large quantities. These gases have to be monitored; such that increase in the normal level of them could be known and proper precaution measures can be taken. But the current systems available are not so portable and are costly and difficult to implement. So an embedded system is designed using Atmega16 Microcontroller, for the purpose of detection of hazardous gas leakage, which in turn avoids the endangering of human lives. The gases like LPG, alcohol, smoke and carbon monoxide were considered here. If these gases level exceeds normal level that is >300ppm then an alarm is generated immediately, and a notification is sent to the authorized user as an android phone through wi-fi, which leads to faster diffusion of emergency situation. The system is affordable and can be easily implement in the chemical industries and in residential area which is surrounded by the chemical industries or plants, to avoid endangering of human lives. The system also supports to provide real-time monitoring of concentration of the gases which presents in the air. As this method is automatic the information can be given in time such that the endangering of human lives can be avoided. 

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