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Automatic Car Parking System With Boom Barrier Control
Automobiles are synonyms for mobility and freedom. An amazing increase in the growth of population i..

Green House Monitoring and Warning System
Monitoring and control of greenhouse environment play an important role in greenhouse production and..

Microcontroller and PIR Sensor Based  Industrial / Home Security System
Microcontroller & PIR Sensor Based Industrial/Home Security System In this project we are goi..

Transmission Line Fault Detection Unit
A transmission line is a specialized cable designed to carry alternating current of radiofrequency, ..

Automatic Electricity Mangment System According to Room Occupencies
Microcontroller & PIR Sensor Based Electricity Management System In this project we are going..

Electronic Voting Machine (EVM)
The Project Electronic Voting System is an interesting project which uses ATMEGA8 microcontroll..

Wireless Power Transfer
This project is made using electronic circuitry that converts AC 230V 50Hz to AC 12V, High freq..
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Mobile Detector / Cellphone Detector
This handy mobile phone detector can sense the presence of an activated mobile cell phone ..

Microcontroller Based Password Protected Access Control System with LCD
For More Info Please Conatact Us : 09899177978, 01396-273043 ..

Smoke Based Fire Alarm and water Motor Control System

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