Automatic Car Parking System With Boom Barrier Control

Automatic Car Parking System With Boom Barrier Control
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Automobiles are synonyms for mobility and freedom. An amazing increase in the growth of population in this world leads to the rapid increase in the number of vehicle being used. With the growing number of vehicles and the consequent shortage of parking space, there is haphazard and totally unregulated parking of vehicles all over. In densely populated areas they are real challenge for city planners, architects and developers. The need to offer sufficient parking spaces is a task for specialists. This situation calls for the need for an automated parking system that not only regulates parking in a given area but also keeps the manual control to a minimum. Automatic car parking systems is the sole solution to park as many cars as possible in as little space as possible. Automatic car parking systems are based on the most modern technology of storage systems.

Our demonstration facility presents a miniature model of an automated car parking system that regulates the number of cars that can be parked in a given space at any given time based on the parking space availability. Automated parking is a method of parking and cars using sequence detecting and sensing devices. The entry of vehicles is facilitated using a totally automated gate. Status signals indicate whether a car is currently in the process of entering or leaving the parking space. After the initial installation, the system requires no manual control. It requires no attendants, is more cost-effective than conventional garages, and allows more cars to be parked in less space. The automation technology is used to typically double to triple the capacity of conventional parking garages.

A gate has been provided at the entry of the parking space, which opens on the arrival of a car. A display section has been provided, which consists of status signals and a display showing the number of cars present in the parking space at any point of time. After the maximum number or cars have entered the parking space, the gate is automatically disabled for vehicles seeking entry into the parking lot.  


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