Advanced Wireless Networking and Active RFID Based Pet Monitoring System

Advanced Wireless Networking and Active RFID Based Pet Monitoring System
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In this project “PET TRACKING USING ACTIVE RFID TAG”we are going to use 4 units these are:

1. Main unit

2. Slave unit 1

3. Slave unit 2

4. Active RFID tag

Main unit consist of Microcontroller, RF link serial 2.4 GHz module and LCD. It is a remote unit basically used to monitor location of pet and give alarm if pet is not available in house. This unit is directly connected to our slave unit through RF link and continuously get data from slave unit when in range with slave units. We are having two slave units if any of two did not respond to master unit it will show error in communication. Slave unit are two in quantity but same in hardware configuration. Slave unit consist of Microcontroller, RF 2.4 GHz module and an Active RFID transceiver. Its work is to be in touch with our main unit through RF link and send availability of PET in its range. It detects pet by ACTIVE RFID communication between Transceiver and Tag (which is placed with PET). Both the slave units work same except there packet encryption is different because if we use same packet encryption then it may cause loss of data during communication.

Active RFID tag is placed in belt of pet it generates a code after every 6 seconds automatically. It is battery operated device if any Active RFID transceiver is present in its working area then unit will collect the code.

In complete system all four units master unit, Slave unit 1, Slave unit 2 and tag communicate in a manner that presence of pet is detected and tracked if no pet is detected by our system than our main unit will give an alarm and warning message on LCD screen.

It is also displayed where the pet is present i.e. if it is present in Room 1 then lcd will display Pet is present in Room 1 and if it is in ROOM 2 message display will be for room 2.

If tag is communicating with both unit simultaneously it means tag is in range with both transceivers LCD will display Pet is in both room area.


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