Smart Cap For Indian Railway Locomotive Drivers

Smart Cap For Indian Railway Locomotive Drivers
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In Indian Railways, major accidents occur because of unseemly act or inattention of Railway staff. Higher incidence of human failures surface as technical safeguards and backups do not always replace the human effort. Though an accident occurs only when both fail but it usually gets logged as ‘human error’ with a tendency of glossing over technical failure. A human being is likely to commit a mistake from time to time, under optimum field conditions and with the best of intentions. Hence operating rules included many redundancies in safety procedures and operating practices involve number of checks and balances. More and more automation is resorted to prevent human errors. This paper provides a method to cyclically alert the driver for the safety of passengers with auto braking.

This paper is proposed to introduce a new technology to prevent the accidental condition in Indian railways when driver is incapacitated, Micro-Sleepy or dead with signal to emergency braking system in the engines. This Modern VCD (Vigilance Control Device) is a microcontroller based safety device to prevent train accidents (due to un-alertness of engine drivers ), which will add to passenger’s safety by cyclically generating warnings and by automatically stopping the train if the driver is incapacitated to control train or dead or fall asleep. This paper also informs the position of the loco crew to the other locomotives or railway station in the range (Optional). In a time frame if driver failed to respond or found in a fix position more than a time limit a wireless signal will be generated to the receiver unit of train control system which will generate sound and after that automatic breaking system will applied.


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