RFID Based Secured Industrial Machine Access Control System

RFID Based Secured Industrial Machine Access Control System
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Nuclear plants, Army Wepons or secure machinery for obvious reasons, require a high amount of access security. In addition to it being vitally important that an engineer be qualified to work on a given process, Because it have become more accountable for security against potential acts of terrorism. Although machine access control on a plant floor might not be as dire as access to a nuclear plant, it is increasingly important as factories look for ways to be more cost-efficient and competitive through increased quality control. And the RFID technology that could be used in much the same way, according to requirments, We can apply this technology pretty much anywhere we want to do access control.In this project we are going to provide a secure solution for Industrial machine. If a person is allocated for a particular industrial machine then only that concern person can operate that machine through their RFID registered card. It is not possible to operate machine with any other access. If any unauthorized person trying to operate machine then it will raise an alarm. So a machine can not operate without the concern person of machine.


By using for card we show that by using three registered card we can access three different machines but fourth card is Unauthorized then it raise an alarm.

Four Cards will be available for functioning

1.    1 Registered Machine - 1

2.    1 Registered Machine - 2

3.    1 Registered Machine - 3

4.    1 For Unauthorized entry


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