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Microcontroller Based Product Design

Wireless Short/Long Range Product Design

Medical Instruments Design

Home and Industrial Automation Design

Remote Monitoring/ Surveillance and Alarming

Testing and Measuring Equipments Design

Security and Surveillance System Design

Automotive Electronics Design

Consumer Electronics Design

Robotics System Design

Solar Energy Based Design

Types of Designed Products

  • Smart Home Security System
  • Home Automation & Industrial Automation
  • Test & Measurement equipment, Instrumentation systems
  • Human Machine Interface for Industries
  • Data Acquisition System & Data logger
  • Wireless control systems, Wireless Data Acquisition, Wireless Monitoring
  • Android phone based switching and controlling system
  • RS485 based toxic gases monitoring and control system
  • Remote Alarm Monitoring & reporting
  • Car and Bike Security system
  • RFID and Bluetooth based door security system
  • Linear and switching power supplies
  • Diffrent Battery charger 
  • Testing and measurment machine for Automotive / data Acquisition and security Products

…….. and many more.















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