40 Kg Wireless Load Cell with Android Phone connectivity

40 Kg Wireless Load Cell with Android Phone connectivity
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The WLC (Wireless Load Cell) provides easy-to-use wireless data communication between a load sensor and a receiving unit.

Recevier units are optional. You may choose according to your applications. Connectivity option as following.

1. Android Smart Phone Connectivity

2. GSM Mobile Connectivity

3. Personal Computer Connectivity

4. Display Unit Connectivity


The WLC system has two units.

1. Transmitter (Including Load cell + Amplifier + Wireless Module)

2.  Receiver (PC Communication / Android Phone Communication / GSM communication / External Display Unit ) 

The WLC is fully compatible with all of Interface’s force sensors, and comes direct from our factory setup, calibrated, and tested – ready-to-run.

Specification : 

  • Up to 10 Samples / Sec
  • 30 Meters Open Range
  • Range can be extend with our repeater unit up to 1000 meters.
  • Small Size Electronics PCB /  You may also put in your Box
  • Relay for max load intimation(Optional)
  • Input Voltage : 9V to 40 V DC
  • Current Max : 500mA

For more informatio you may contact design engineer at : 09899177978

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