Alcohol Breath Analyser Alarm System

Alcohol Breath Analyser Alarm System
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The main aim of this project is to design an electronic system for implementing an efficient alcohol detection system that will be useful to avoid accidents. There are many different types of accidents which occur in daily life. Accidents may cause due to many reasons it may be due to brake fail. Most often accidents occur due to over drunken person. Though there are laws to punish drunken drivers they cannot be fully implemented because traffic police cannot stand on every road to check each and every car driver whether he/she has drunk or not. This can be a major reason for accidents. So there is a need for an effective system to check drunken drivers. Therefore in order to avoid these accidents we have implemented a prototype project. In our project, initially we check whether the person has drunken or not by using the MQ3 GAS sensor. In this system, sensor circuit is used to detect whether the alcohol was consumed by driver or not. To this end, we have designed such a system that when alcohol concentration is detected alarm is raised.


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