RFID Based Bus Identification and Monitoring System at Bus Station

RFID Based Bus Identification and Monitoring System at Bus Station
Product Code: NRD_PROJ_0003
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The aim of this project is to develop a model which can inform passangers and administration about the entry of the authorized vehicles. This system shows vehicle information that has entered into the area and its entry time. To enable other automation in the work areas it is necessary to identify the vehicles uniquely.

In this project we are going to provide an advanced solution for information of bus entered in a particular zone. A RFID card is located on the bus. This card having information about bus no, bus route, bus driver name, depot no etc. When bus enter in a RFID reader zone the RFID reader read the particular card and display all the information related to bus on the LCD display. So the passenger can know about their waiting bus. This is very useful at bus stands & side stands to inform the passenger for right destination bus.

Four Cards will be available for functioning

  1. 1 Registered for Bus 1
  2. 1 Registered for Bus 2
  3. 1 Registered for Bus 3
  4. 1 Unauthorized for Bus 4

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